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July 15: Kaine Horman Answers Questions From FOX 12

Posted: Jul 15, 2010

The following is a correspondence between FOX 12 and Kaine Horman on July 15, 2010. The questions and answers have not been edited.

FOX 12: Kaine, we know that you are trying to fast track the process of Terri moving out of your house, can you explain why and what you want the judge to know about why it's important for you right now?

Kaine Horman: In all cases occupation of the house should have nothing to do with any adult - it should be about what's right for the two children involved: Kyron and Kiara.

We need the weekend, primarily all of Saturday, to walk through, secure the house, and make it usable (new locks on doors, re-code the electronic gate, replace items that Terri has taken, etc). The services for the locks and gate are not available on Sunday. Kiara will be moving into a more regular schedule that will include day care and I am returning back to work a little more starting next week. The use of Saturday at the house will be key. Having Kiara back at home for 2 full days will make the adjustment of life going forward much easier. If we wait until next week it will be more difficult to schedule and have things reviewed and secured right away and Kiara will have to adjust to being back home while also attending a new day care. I think it is a priority to limit the impact to her as much as we can.

The big thing is to have the house ready for Kyron. If they find him tonight, any time tomorrow, or on the weekend (assuming Terri may stay in the house until Monday) then where will he go? Another place that is not his home - which I do not find acceptable. He needs to come home to HIS home, HIS room and not anywhere else. The fact that Terri's legal representation thinks she should stay until Monday leads me to believe they do not expect the truth from her this weekend. Having the house available and ready for our missing 7 year old son should far outweigh any adult need for the residence. It cannot be ready for him while she is still in it. When we left the house back in June I had 15 minutes to pack for Kiara and I for an unknown location and an unknown amount of time. We've been gone almost 3 weeks and while we don't have everything we could use (her high chair, nice clothes for court, etc), we have what we REALLY need. She's had a week to do the same - that should be enough. She will always be able to request property from the house and have it picked up in the future so there should be no need to delay further.

FOX 12: Kaine, what are your feelings about what came out in the restraining order documents this week about Michael Cook's involvement with Terri? His friend tells us that she believes he was trying to play along with Terri's advances in hopes of getting information about Kyron. Do you think there's any truth to that?

Kaine Horman: I have only seen Michael Cook once since high school, which was during the week after Kyron when missing, so I cannot really comment on his intent based on my knowledge of him. I can say that I get briefed by law enforcement and lawyers once or many times per day. If he was really trying to accomplish what is claimed I think that law enforcement and lawyers would know about it and I would have been briefed about his interaction and intent. I have received no such briefing.

FOX 12: Desiree, Kaine and Tony -- all three of you are becoming more and more vocal about the fact that you think Terri is lying and that she's behind Kyron's disappearance. How do you think she might be reacting to that? Do you think it's pushing her to start cooperating with police?

Kaine Horman: I don't know that it is having much of an impact to her directly. Her actions continue to paint the picture of the person she has become. This continues to reinforce what I think all 3 of us have believed for some time: that she is involved and is the primary person responsible. Based on briefings we've had recently she is still not cooperating.

FOX 12: You've all said recently that you think someone else besides Terri may have been involved in Kyron's disappearance. Do you have any theories about who that may be?
Kaine Horman: currently I do not although i do believe that it is someone that Kyron has met before, whether I know of the person or they were only a friend of Terri's.

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