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What are the best scented candles for every room?

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By Alexandra Kerr

Candles quickly create a soft, romantic ambiance when placed in any room, and can be used throughout the house as both décor and lighting. Scented candles offer even more of a design impact, filling the room with any one of hundreds of available fragrances. Picking the right scent, size, shape and ingredients for each room is a simple, effective way to enhance the atmosphere of your home, and compliment your style.


Paraffin: Paraffin wax candles are the most common form, and can be both scented and unscented. Typically white, though able to be dyed, paraffin wax candles retain a consistent appearance when burned, and can be easily scented, as most candles scents are created for this type of candle. Paraffin candles are usually the cheapest option, and are a great way to save money when buying candles in bulk. They should not be burned in unventilated areas, however, as consistently burning paraffin can emit chemicals into an unaired room.

Beeswax: Beeswax candles are a natural alternative to paraffin, offering a cleaner burn, which eliminates chemicals being released into a room. Beeswax also burns slower than paraffin, making the more expensive price tag easier to handle. Offered in both yellow and white forms, beeswax may be mixed with other chemicals, and is best purchased in 100% natural, yellow form. These candles are naturally honey scented, but can be perfumed to a number of common candle fragrances.

Soy: Soy candles offer a second natural alternative to paraffin, and are made of soybean wax. These candles also eliminate the risk of chemicals being released into the room, and burn longer than paraffin. Soy candles are thought to be the cleanest burning variety, and may help anyone suffering from allergies or lung sensitivities. These candles offer a wide range of scents, but also come at a higher price than paraffin.

Size and Shape

Pillars: Pillar candles are one of the most common forms of candle, easily placed on decorative dishes or stands. Offered in many heights, widths, colors and scents, pillars can also include more than one wick.

Taper: Taper candles, often referred to as candle sticks, are typically six to 18 inches tall, and come in a variety of colors and scents. These candles must be placed in a secure holder, as they cannot stand alone.

Tealights: Tealights are very small, round decorative candles used in votive holders or food warmers. Measuring approximately one and a half inches in diameter, they do not typically vary in size, but may be colored and scented.

Floating Candles: These candles typically come in decorative shapes, and are set in small containers of water, where they float. They can be scented and colored, often in reference to their shape (e.g. red and rose scented for a rose shaped candle).

Filled: Filled candles are poured into a heat resistant glass or ceramic container when made, which cannot be switched out. They come in a wide variety of scents and colors.

Picking the Right Scent for Your Room

Living Room: Scented candles in your living room should be subtle and earthy, providing just enough scent to compliment the room. Use fragrances like citrus, teakwood or light florals to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Avoid heavy, overwhelming scents, as well as food-fragrances. During the holidays, pine and holly scented candles are a good choice for the living room. Always be sure to buy candles in colors that match or compliment the color scheme of the living room.

Kitchen: Your kitchen is the best place to utilize food scented candles, continuously creating an enticing, home cooked meal aroma. Vanilla, apple, coffee and cookie flavored candles are all good choices for this room, as well as various citrus based scents. During the holidays, gingerbread, cinnamon and pumpkin scents are also perfect for the kitchen.

Dining Room: It is best to avoid strong floral and food scents when placing candles in the dining room. Heavy fragrances can interfere with the taste and smell of the food being served, actually detracting from the meal, rather than adding to it. If you do decide to use scented candles in your dining room, stick to very light, subtle scents like cucumber, sage or white citrus.

Bedroom: When placing scented candles in your bedroom, think soothing and relaxing. This is a good room to use aromatherapy scents, which are designed to calm you. Scents like lavender and vanilla are best for inducing sleep, while eucalyptus and mint can reduce stress. Avoid food and heavy floral scents, though lighter smelling florals like rose, jasmine and peony can be a good option for the bedroom. Also, be sure to stick to candle colors that compliment your bedding and wall color, preferably in neutral, calming shades like white, tan, brown and soft greens and blues.

Bathroom: The key to candles in the bathroom is to keep it clean. Linen, citrus, mint and ocean themed fragrances create the perfect environment for a relaxing bath or shower. Avoid heavy, powerful scents, as they can become especially overwhelming in small rooms. The best candle colors for the bathroom are white, blue and beige, though always be sure to match them to your specific color scheme.

By selecting the appropriate fragrance for each room of your house, choosing the perfect scented candle can be easy. Decide where you plan to place it, pick colors that match the room and make sure the scent will enhance the environment you are trying to create.

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