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Police officers check on Jovan Belcher after found passed out in his Bentley

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The Kansas City Police Department released dash cam video Friday night of a Dec. 1 welfare check involving Chiefs starting linebacker Jovan Belcher.

Police spoke to Belcher about 3 a.m. in Midtown Kansas City after receiving a report of a man sleeping inside a vehicle for a couple of hours. Officers found Belcher "passed out" with the lights on and his vehicle running.

Belcher was outside the home of a woman who wasn't his steady girlfriend. Officers urged him to go upstairs and not to drive.

But Belcher said they didn't understand because he had a second woman waiting at home for him. That woman was Kasandra Perkins, 22, who gave birth on Sept. 11 to Belcher's daughter, Zoey.

When Belcher arrived home, he and Perkins argued. After shooting her at least nine times, he sped to Arrowhead Stadium where he would take his own life.

The following is a transcript of Belcher and officers during the welfare check. The dash cam video is about 10 minutes long, but there is no sound for the first five minutes. Police said this was due to equipment difficulties.

Officer: "Talk to the officers right there on the other side of the window for just a minute."

Officer: "What's up boss?"

Belcher: "What's up man."

Officer: "How did you get this ride?"

Officer: "It's a brand new Bentley."

Officer: "When we came up on it was in drive ... he was thinking about taking off."

Officer: "Nice. I'm not saying you stole it. I like it dude. It's nice. What do you do?"

Belcher: Unintelligible.

Officer: "Oh do you? (Belcher unintelligible.). No, no, no. It's all good. I figured. No dude, I could tell by the way your dressed and the way you looked. I will be completely honest with you. When we walked up, I said (unintelligible.). What position do you play? (Belcher: unintelligible.). What's your name?"


Officer: "Are you visiting somebody at these apartments?"

Officer: "Sir, where are you headed tonight?"

Belcher: Unintelligible

Officer: "Upstairs in this building? OK, so you're not going to be driving anywhere?"

Officer: "Look dude. You live right here. You just need to go upstairs dude."

Officer: "You live right here? You just need to go upstairs. OK? That's going to be your best bet."

Officer: "We're trying to cut you a break here. Let's just (static) Roll up your stuff there. Actually, if you could step out brother, I will roll up the windows, OK."

Belcher: "Yeah. Yeah."

Officer: "Go ahead and step out brother, I'll roll up your windows brother."

Officer: "Do you know how to roll up windows on a Bentley?"

Officer: "I'm going to take a class real quick. It's on YouTube."

Belcher steps out of the car.

Officer: "How we doin' tonight man?"

Officer: "The only reason I'm asking you man is like you said... (inaudible)"

Officer: "The only reason I'm asking man."

Officer: "You got your keys?"

Officer: "You know you got a lot riding on it. You know you got a lot to lose, right?"

Officer: "I know your car is running and you're passed out inside. You weren't driving. You are correct on that."

Belcher: "I wasn't. I was upstairs."

Officer: "I hear ya. That's why going upstairs is going to be a good place for you to go back to. You understand right?"

Belcher: "I appreciate that."

Officer: "All right. Well, I appreciate you not putting this thing in drive and taking off. You got your key? I want to make sure ... it's like voice control and high speed buttons."

Belcher: "It's a $200,000 car."

Officer: "I'll make that in like three years."

Officer: "I guess the lights will shut off I guess."

Officer: "You gonna call the girl and head back upstairs for a while."

Belcher: "Yeah."

Officer: "I'd say we probably stay up there for the night. I wouldn't be driving anywhere."

Officer: "That sound cool? You stay up there for the night?"

Belcher: "Naw, y'all don't understand this. I got a deal with another girl man."

Officer: "Well, I understand how that's working."

Officer: "I understand how that's working but you're crashing out in the car out in front of an apartment building. It ain't looking good for the player."

Belcher: "I wasn't driving."

Officer: "I understand you weren't driving, but you're inside the car and the car's running."

Belcher: "All right, I appreciate it."

Officer: "All right, well I appreciate you being cooperative ... not putting it in drive and taking off. I hate these Crown Vics ... are embarrassing."

Belcher: "There's no way."

Officers laugh

Belcher: "That cost too much. Oh man. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate it. I really do. You boys have a good one."

Officer: "All right man."

Officer: "See you later dude."

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