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Kelso Police warn of fake teenage celebrity Facebook pages

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The Kelso Police Department is warning parents of a possible predator using the Internet to chat with kids.

Police said they are investigating someone who is trying to build a relationship with those kids using the popular web site Facebook.

Police report the predator is creating fake teenage celebrity profiles on Facebook to make connections with children.

Word that someone is potentially targeting children online, disguising themselves as someone famous, had many parents in Kelso on edge Thursday afternoon.

"I think it's pretty scary because kids are going to fall for something like that," said Jodi, who has two kids in the Kelso School District.

Kelso police won't say which celebrities the person is pretending to be, but they say they were notified after one parent spotted inappropriate messages on their child's Facebook page.

Parents we spoke to are concerned someone would go that extent to chat with kids.

"Obviously the person is pretty disturbed. It's pretty messed up," said Lacy Whisler, who has a daughter in the fourth grade. "It's scary though, because, you know, you really don't feel like you're safe anywhere, nowadays."

Police said so far the person behind the fake Facebook profiles hasn't had any face-to-face contact with any children, but they are concerned that the messaging could lead to that.

"Or to things that are risky for anyone but especially that age group, especially, when we believe it's a pedophile that's doing it," said Darr Kirk, a Kelso Police Captain.

The Kelso School District sent a letter to parents on Tuesday, at the request of Kelso police.

In the letter; the superintendent said "Although there is no evidence that any of our students have been in contact with this individual on school grounds, district officials decided it was important to assist Kelso police in disseminating this message," wrote Robert MacGregor, Superintendent for the Kelso School District.

"Obviously it's a scary world out there and I think we need to be leery of what are kids are up to and keep an eye on them," said Jodi.

District officials said this is a good reminder for parents to talk to their kids about Internet safety and to monitor their kid's activities on the web.

Police would not release any specifics about this case or say whether the person behind the fake profiles is local.

However; they said if you feel your child has been contacted by one of these fake profiles, you should contact your local authorities.

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