Sheriff: Man on 2-week meth binge caught in car stuffed with stolen goods

Sheriff: Man on 2-week meth binge caught in car stuffed with stolen goods
Sheriff: Man on 2-week meth binge caught in car stuffed with stolen goods(Clackamas County Sheriff's Office)
Updated: Feb. 16, 2018 at 11:27 AM PST
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CLACKAMAS COUNTY, Ore. (KPTV) - A man told deputies he went on a two-week “meth binge” while breaking into garages and cars in Happy Valley, stealing whatever he could get his hands on.

Investigators said the suspect was caught Thursday night driving a car stuffed with tens of thousands of dollars worth of stolen items. The 20-year old also had knives, an airsoft replica gun, meth and heroin. Deputies believe they will find more stolen goods at the suspect’s home, which they’re trying to track down.

“We found chainsaws, pressure washers, air compressors, leaf blowers, power tools,” said Deputy Daniel Ferguson with the Happy Valley Police Department.

Those items were just a fraction of what deputies found in the suspect’s car. Deputies said basically anything sitting in a garage was a target for the 20-year old man who admitted he was on a meth binge.

“At first I thought an animal had broken in, some things were torn up, it was kind of crazy,” said Suzanne Montalbano of Happy Valley.

Montalbano and her two kids said they all had things stolen from the family car and their garage.

“They found one of my backpacks with my name on it,” said Sofia Montalbano.

FOX 12 spoke with the family at the Happy Valley police station, where they were picking up their stolen sunglasses, backpacks and a cell phone.

“It’s quite a violation, scary to have someone come in your home while you’re sleeping,” said Montalbano.

Deputies say in the last two weeks they’ve received reports of more than 30 thefts and four stolen cars.

“When we met the guy last night he was very scared and intimidated by our presence,” said Ferguson.

After several police stakeouts, there was finally a much-needed break in the case; home surveillance video simply showing the suspect driving his car, the one eventually stopped by deputies.

“When we find a person with an entire vehicle filled with stolen goods, we know they’re stolen… it’s time for him to cooperate,” said Ferguson.

“It sure helps us sleep at night, thanks to them,” said Montalbano.

FOX 12 is not releasing the suspect’s name or mug shot at this time because charges have not been officially filed. Police also said an accomplice was caught and arrested on Friday.