‘To give them a head start on reading’: Portland-based ‘Vooks’ offers free streaming for a month

Lamar Hurd
Lamar Hurd(KPTV)
Updated: Mar. 22, 2020 at 5:21 PM PDT
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) - “This is bigger than just an NBA or a sporting, athletic world dilemma, this is humanity,” said Lamar Hurd, Ambassador for vooks.com.

The welfare of humanity first, professional basketball somewhere after.

“I was definitely looking forward to that final playoff push and who knows, we might still get it depending on what the NBA decides to do but being home right now with my wife is the best thing,” Hurd said. “My wife is my best friend. I never get sick of her; she never gets sick of me. We are enjoying all of the time we get together.”

We kid because we care, and we care about the kids.

“Right now, this is uncharted territory for everybody but especially teachers and parents who your kids are typically in school,” Hurd said. “Even with Spring break, you’re home for a week and then you get back to business as usual. Right now, there is no end necessarily in sight.”

Know what can take your mind off of the troubling times? A good book in this case. Good Vooks, the Portland-based streaming service dedicated to animated storybooks where Lamar is an ambassador.

“To give them a head start on reading. To try and inspire that joy or reading, the love of reading, increased literacy for everybody and make it an equitable type of platform,” Hurd said.

Nothing beats free and that’s what Vooks is offering when kids need it most.

“You go on VOOKS.com. Sign up. You get a month free to utilize the platform. Allow your kids to read it,” Herd said. We found that with the slow pacing, which is intentional, the animation, the read along text, it helps kids follow along and we try to be really intent about that and make it an educational platform. Vooks has become world-wide in just a year’s amount of time. They all love it and definitely hope that in a time like this, everybody can take full advantage of it.”

Take a look, it’s in a Vook.

“As you are watching, without even knowing it, you are reading and you are learning reading,”Hurd said. “You are practicing reading while enjoying a movie. I enjoy it myself. My wife and I lay in bed at night sometimes and watch our own VOOKS. We have our favorites, so it’s not just for kids 2-thru-8, adults like it too.”

Not only can anyone get a month free of Vooks, but teachers can access the entire streaming library for a year.