‘School of Saxon Baseball’ keeps players connected

South Salem High Baseball
South Salem High Baseball(KPTV)
Updated: Apr. 9, 2020 at 8:00 PM PDT
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SALEM, Ore. (KPTV)- Prep Spring sports athletes in the Pacific Northwest got all of two weeks’ worth of practice before the high schools closed down. Now those seasons and some high school playing careers have come to a sudden stop.

South Salem High Baseball Head Coach Max Price can’t quantify just what his kids and himself are missing even though they know it is for the right reasons.

“This one was really a special group for me because they are the one group I had since day one, walking in the door,” Price said.

Coach Price had six seniors who were freshman when the English teacher became head coach four years ago.

“We can’t even have a team party or anything,” he said. “The school year is done so it’s a major bummer.”

The school of hard knocks to the School of Saxon Baseball.

“I was trying to think of something I could do beyond just having them log workouts where everyone could be involved, Price said.

Prior to distance learning for all, Coach Price was keeping the Saxons engaged and connected virtually through supplemental baseball learning.

“I just came up with a bunch of videos and articles and podcasts and ways to impact your family and your community and put it all together and get a point system for it and turn it into a competition with rewards because teenagers like rewards,” he said.

The turnout to Saxon baseball school is rewarding to coach too.

“For the most part, kids have kept logging in because you kind of expect to see a decline as time goes on after being excited early on, but I haven’t really seen a decline yet, which is good,” he said.

When asked what kids are losing from not having a baseball season, Price said:

“This was their year and their opportunity to really go out and really do some special things to find a college. So, now you have this group of kids who didn’t get that opportunity, so now they are kind of in a scramble mode in trying to find a college to go to. Meanwhile, colleges are granting an extra year of eligibility to a lot of the Spring athletes, so it is going to be really clogged. So, for our seniors, I am really heartbroken for them but not every kid is playing baseball to get a college scholarship. They are doing it to be part of a group,” he said.

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