Spread the Love: New scarf honors beloved former Timbers player Jimmy Conway

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Updated: Aug. 11, 2020 at 5:56 AM PDT
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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - While fans won’t be able to root for the Portland Timbers in person, there is a new collectible scarf for them to pick up that supports the team, a good cause and a beloved former player.

He’s forever a club legend whose name hangs from the rafters in Soccer City: Jimmy Conway and his wife, Noeleen, may have been from Dublin, but they called Portland home.

“We got incredible lucky that we ended up staying here. We hit the jackpot here,” Noeleen said.

Noeleen is beyond proud of how her husband is being remembered after the Timbers’ Ring of Honor member passed away in February at the age of 73.

“I knew that when he passed that there would be some accolades and what have you, but I really, truly was not prepared for the amount of outpouring. Not just in Oregon and around the country, but in Europe as well, it was huge,” said Noeleen.

Shamrocks and sunflowers, the great number eight now has his own scarf - a No Pity Original that will be spreading the love in the name of Jimmy’s decades of service to the youth soccer community in the Pacific Northwest.

“Oh my gosh, Jimmy would be so incredibly proud, and it couldn’t be more perfect. I know I am completely biased, but it has to be one of the nicest scarves they’ve ever made. It encompasses so much of who he was,” Noeleen said. “The bulk of his playing and his energies as a coach and a player was with Fulham, of course, in London. The Irish love knot on it could not be more perfect.”

All of the scarf sale proceeds will go directly to Boston University’s School of Medicine to support their ongoing research for Trauma Induced Dementia, which Jimmy battled for 12 years.

“Jimmy’s brain has been donated there and we’ll know the findings in November. Not only is it great, but the cause it will represent is equally important to our family,” said Noeleen.

Supporting a cause and a reason much larger than futbol for the legend of Goose Hollow.

“What a great scarf to have for St. Patrick’s Day as well! It’s the gift that keeps on giving,” Noeleen said.

The Spread the Love/Jimmy Conway scarf is available for pre-order at https://nopityoriginals.com/products/spread-the-love-2020-scarf.

Spread the Love/Jimmy Conway scarf
Spread the Love/Jimmy Conway scarf((Courtesy: No Pity Originals))