Mayor of Sandy tells residents to defy Gov. Brown’s COVID-19 restrictions

Mayor Stan Pulliam (KPTV image)
Mayor Stan Pulliam (KPTV image)(KPTV)
Updated: Jan. 1, 2022 at 8:39 PM PST
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SANDY Ore. (KPTV) - New risk levels went into effect for the state of Oregon Friday, moving 23 counties are now at the extreme risk level.

That includes all the counties in the Portland metro area.

Small cities like Sandy and Estacada say they shouldn’t have to be lumped in with the entire county regarding those restrictions.

Sandy’s mayor called on businesses in his community to protest - by defying the governor’s orders and reopening.

“A one size fits all when you think about how different Portland is from Sandy. Sandy isn’t Portland, we’re not Gresham and we’re not Ontario, Sandy Mayor Stan Pulliam said. “Everywhere is different, and we need leaders that allow us to address the needs of our community at the local level.”

But Clackamas County Chair Jim Bernard says the mayor is undermining the credibility of the government.

“If one government says that the facts have been manipulated, it undermines the fact that we are the health authority. Tell me, what kind of health services does Sandy offer? Zero,” Bernard said. “The truth is that we are the experts, we’ve been doing this since February, and we know the facts.”

In a statement, Governor Kate Brown said elected officials don’t have the authority to defy her emergency orders. Businesses that reopen in violation of state risk levels could face fines.