Hillsboro and Tigard see uptick in vehicle theft

Published: Feb. 17, 2022 at 9:30 PM PST
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HILLSBORO, Ore. (KPTV) - Law enforcement in both Hillsboro and Tigard are warning people about an increase in stolen vehicles.

“We really can’t put a finger on why people are stealing them and then we’re recovering such a high percentage of them almost in the same condition that they were stolen in,” Clint Chrz, a sergeant with Hillsboro police, said.

He said officers are shocked by the numbers they’re seeing compared to this same time last year. He said that from August of 2020 to February of 2021 there were 133 vehicles stolen in Hillsboro.

During that same time period from August of 2021 through now, there have been 201 vehicles stolen.

In Tigard they’re seeing a similar pattern. In January of 2021 there were 11 vehicles stolen but in January of 2022 that number skyrocketed to 32, which is a 190% increase. Chief of Police, Kathy McAlpine, said they’re seeing a connection with the stolen vehicles and the city of Portland.

“Some of our stolen vehicles we do have, people have abandoned another stolen vehicle that came out of Portland, dropped it off and stole our cars,” McAlpine said. She said officers have recovered 14 vehicles that were stolen outside of Tigard and that 11 of those were from Portland. She also said that 14 of the stolen vehicles from Tigard were found in Portland.

Sergeant Chrz said there are basic steps you can take to protect yourself:

-Lock your car.

-Install a GPS tracking system

-Don’t leave valuables in sight.

-Don’t leave your wallet or purse in the vehicle.

-Don’t leave the title to your car in the vehicle.

-Don’t leave your vehicle warming up while unattended.

“People are warming them up, leaving them unlocked and then these criminals are jumping in the vehicles and taking off in these vehicles,” Chrz said. “Probably 25 to 30% of these were because they were just warming up and it got stolen.”