Baker provides bread for Ukrainians in need

Published: Feb. 28, 2022 at 12:20 PM PST
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) - Andriy, his wife and four children live eight miles east of Kyiv where he works for a company selling ingredients like flour to Ukraine bakeries.

When the Russians invaded last week, at first life came to a stand-still. Then Ukrainians, as individuals and as groups, came together to resist the invasion any way they could.

For Andriy, it’s keeping his countrymen and women fed with fresh bread through a team of bakers and other volunteers. The group distributes the bread free to hospitals, soldiers and those hungry in a country also dealing with food shortages.

Andriy says those Ukrainians who have remained in Ukraine are resisting and that resistance is getting stronger even as he sees fighting all around Kyiv.

“I see old ladies bringing food out to soldiers, I see people organizing themselves to help each other. Most important, everyone who stayed is ready to sacrifice themselves,” Andriy says. “No one, actually, is thinking how to save their life, or himself. What I see, people are just ready to sacrifice everything for the future of this country and our children.”

Andriy says his people have gone through four stages in the last week. First shock, then panic to anger before an organized resistance.

“We need very strong support in air spending defense because that is the weakest point for Ukraine and the army,” Andriy says. “We really feel support from all the countries, especially United States. United States were one of the first to support us, but we need weapons.”

As for a solution, Andriy says it will take more than asking Russians to stand up to Putin.

“Everyone in the world needs to work now to destroy the sadistic regime of Putin,” Andriy says.

While Andriy works to bring bread to his country, he says he’s certain Ukraine won’t fall Putin’s Russia.

“I think after this, after we win, each of us will need several years to reflect. That is what will happen.”

You can learn more and donate to Bake4Ukraine by visiting the link here.