As the price of gas rises, a station in St. Johns is selling gas for over $6 per gallon

Published: Mar. 2, 2022 at 12:27 PM PST
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PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) – The average price of gas in Oregon is now over $4 a gallon. However, at some stations like a Shell station on Columbia and Fessenden, one gallon of regular will cost you $6.29.

Paying that price Wednesday was Jason Roberts who spoke with FOX 12.

“I just stopped in because it’s the closest place to my house and I was about to run out,” Roberts said. “It was kind of an emergency.”

As to why the price of gas is so high at this specific station, Shell oil said this:

“Shell-branded operators are independent businesspeople who make their own operating decisions and set gasoline prices as they believe appropriate. While we do not have control of prices at independently owned Shell-branded stations, we do encourage them to act responsibly when setting prices at the pump.”

Shell also said it takes allegations of price gouging seriously and will investigate sites with prices not in line with the market.

Speaking with AAA Oregon’s Marie Dodds, we were told the alarmingly high price can’t be determined as price gouging one way or another at this point.

“Every gas station sets their own prices how they want to,” Dodds said. “There are as many business plans as there are gas stations.”

Analysts have said the price is mainly due to a skyrocketing price of crude oil.

“The big factor is we have a war in Europe involving one of the world’s largest oil producers,” Dodds said. “The markets are very nervous about how long this invasion will last, what the outcome will be.”

Dodds added if you do suspect price gouging, that can be reported to the Oregon Department of Justice.