Salem man trying to get father out of Ukraine

Published: Mar. 2, 2022 at 9:41 PM PST
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SALEM, Ore. (KPTV) - Alex, a man in Salem who only wants us to use his first name for the safety of his family, told FOX 12 he is working to try to get his dad out of Kherson, Ukraine.

Conflicting reports said the city had fallen to Russian soldiers, and Alex said his dad told him he’s not sure about being allowed to leave the city at this point because Russian forces had taken over.

“We’re hoping for the best, but I mean you don’t know. It’s hour by hour updates from him, so every hour something changes,” Alex said.

He said he tried getting his dad here through U.S. Immigration but didn’t get anywhere.

“There is no definitive way. The U.S. isn’t accepting refugees from there yet and then contacting the Embassy is almost impossible,” he said.

Now, he may have to take matters into his own hands.

“My next plan is I may have to just go to Poland and try to get him into Poland at least to get him saved. We’re running out of options at this point. It’s frustrating, you know, but he is alive and that’s kind of all that matters, and you can hope for the best and take it hour by hour,” he said.

Alex said aside from three German Shepherds, his dad is alone without any electricity, running water or natural gas.

“I’m not sure what’s going to happen in that town. We’re afraid it’s just going to become a front lines town for battle and I hope it doesn’t, but the next few days are going to be very crucial to us,” he said.

However, Alex is still holding on to hope that they’ll be able to get his dad out of harm’s way.

“My dad, I’ve never heard fear in his voice until this point,” Alex said. “The goodbyes now are, when you hang up and say goodbye, they mean a lot more than they usually do because it may be the last goodbye.”