Lawyer: Ex-partner of Andy Polo alleges Portland Timbers asked her not to pursue domestic violence charges

Published: Mar. 10, 2022 at 7:45 PM PST
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PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) - A major development has come to light in Major League Soccer’s investigation of the Portland Timbers and how the team dealt with domestic violence allegations against one of their former players.

The investigation stems from allegations made against Andy Polo by his former partner. The allegations date back to May 2021 when deputies showed up at the couple’s Beaverton house and so did representatives of the Timbers.

According to reports by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the Timbers employees told deputies they would make sure things stayed peaceful in the home.

In the end, Polo was only cited with harassment. He kept his job and no information about the incident was made public. Then last month, new allegations of domestic violence came to light and the Timbers fired Polo.

Portland Timbers part ways with midfielder Andy Polo amid domestic abuse allegations
Portland Timbers part ways with midfielder Andy Polo amid domestic abuse allegations(KPTV)

FOX 12 learned that Polo’s ex-partner spoke to MLS investigators recently about what she believes is an attempt by Timbers management to keep her from pressing charges against Polo.

In a Zoom call Wednesday night, Genessis Alarcón, according to her attorney, told an investigator for MLS that two weeks after the domestic violence incident in May 2021, the Timbers sent two people to her house to talk to her.

Alarcón is now in Peru, and her attorney is in the Portland area and was on the Zoom call. He told FOX 12 what Alarcon said happened last June.

“For whatever reasons, the Timbers sent the head of security and some sort of fixer type of attorney to come back out to my client’s residents a few weeks later, and there were discussions that she’d be taken care of and also discussions about not reporting the incident any further to law enforcement and not pressing charges against the player,” said Michael Fuller, attorney for Alarcón. “From what I can tell, they worded their language very carefully as fixer type lawyers often do.”

FOX 12 reached out to the Timbers about the latest allegation. They categorically denied pressuring Alarcón.

“While the Timbers offered support to Mr. Polo, Ms. Alarcón and their children during a difficult time, there was never any suggestion – expressly or implicitly – that the support was offered in exchange for consideration by Ms. Alarcón. The Timbers would never condone or participate in such conduct,” the club said in a statement to FOX 12.

Fuller admits that it is possible something was lost in translation as Alarcón is not an English speaker. But Fuller said he is glad the MLS is investigating the Timbers’ response to the domestic violence case. He is also representing her in a federal case against Polo.

“There was no report that it was an express offer. There’s no report they asked her to sign a contract or a legal agreement not to bring charges in exchange for help, but that was certainly the implication that was understood by my client,” Fuller said.

Fuller told FOX 12 his client never intended to press domestic violence charges because she didn’t want to involve her children. The sheriff’s office’s report said they were in the house when Polo grabbed Alarcón.

FOX 12 also reached out to MLS concerning their investigation but has not heard back yet.