April storm dumps several feet of snow on Mt. Hood for a spring ski boost

Published: Apr. 13, 2022 at 6:14 PM PDT
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MT. HOOD, Ore. (KPTV) -- Not only did this April storm take many by surprise in the Portland metro area, but it also dumped several feet of snow on Mt. Hood.

Ski resorts are seeing some of the best late season conditions on record.

Mt. Hood Meadows got more than six feet of snow in just five days.

“To have over a foot of snow, over a foot of snow, and our temperatures have been in the teens which means that it’s just constantly building and building. People are just loving the powder,” Dave Tragethon, VP of Sales & Marketing at Mt. Hood Meadows said. “We’re seeing a turn out that is probably three times the amount that we’d normally see in the middle of the week because the powder is bringing out everyone to enjoy it -- it’s great for us.”

In Government Camp though, things are a bit quieter.

“I have not seen too many people out and about. The blizzard made it a little eerie here,” Daphnie Colpron at Glacier Public House said.

Businesses here aren’t sure yet how much benefit they might get from all of this snow.

“Quite the surprise honestly. I know we’re all really excited about it,” Josue Hernandez at Huckleberry Inn said.

The snow arrives during the slow season -- between typical snow fall and the start of summer activities. Ski Bowl is already closed for the winter and workers said they don’t usually get much of an Easter crowd. For many on the mountain, it’s hard to know if the weather could change that this weekend.

“I do wanna say people will come up the hill, but things are kinda slowing down so it’s kinda like unchartered territory,” Hernandez said. “We’re just gonna see. Play it by ear.”