‘It’s disgusting’: Keizer woman’s cat shot with arrow

Published: Apr. 20, 2022 at 10:24 PM PDT
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KEIZER Ore. (KPTV) - Last Tuesday, Taleaha was worried when a neighbor called Keizer Police with a scary tip.

“He had seen a cat with an arrow through it and the officer had asked if I seen one and I said no but that’s extremely terrifying,” Taleaha said.

She said she instantly went into panic mode, especially when her indoor-outdoor cat Milo wasn’t coming back, even with bait to lure him home.

“I was outside for about five minutes getting him to try and come and he wasn’t coming so I scanned my backyard really good and saw his pink nose,” she said.

He seemed fine at first, until he wasn’t.

“There was no arrow in him, so we were a little bit, you know, relieved?” Taleaha said. “He went to crouch down and crawl then his back end just fell over so I knew something was wrong.”

Taleaha took him inside and found an entry and exit wound on his belly and immediately took him to the emergency vet.

“Oh we all lost it,” she said. “They (the vet) were extremely worried there was going to be internal bleeding and that it could’ve hit an organ or a lung or anything like that, but it missed them all with the imaging they took, and it missed his spine. He’s lucky. They said they’ve never seen anything like it.”

After retracing his pawprints, she said she found the arrow under a boat trailer in her backyard and thinks Milo must’ve gotten it out himself. Keizer Police have since taken it for evidence.

Now, Milo has bad nerve damage and Taleaha hopes the person responsible is caught.

" I think it’s disgusting,” she said. “I feel like if you can do it to an animal, you can turn around and do it to a human.”

She has started a GoFundMe to help with Milo’s medical bills. You can donate here.