Timbers, Thorns play exhibition match to benefit Ukraine

Published: Apr. 27, 2022 at 10:26 PM PDT
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) – It was match night in soccer city for both the Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns, but it was not a doubleheader. The two teams joined forces with Team Yellow and Team Blue in the 60-minute exhibition ‘PTFC for Peace’ to benefit UNCIFEF’s relief efforts in Ukraine.

“I had so much fun! I was laughing the entire time so just the fact that we can do this for something bigger than us and get this many people to come and get this many people to donate I think that is truly important,” said Kelly Hubly, currently in her sixth season with the Thorns.

Mid-week match nights during the season can be a drag for players but this match was far from that.

“There’s not too many opportunities in life, especially in our jobs when we get to take our passion, our community and giving back and making it happen in one moment,” said Meghan Klingenberg, also in her sixth season with the Thorns. “This town loves soccer and what a better way to give back then doing the thing that we all love together.”

Timber Joey logged a little overtime by nailing a new celebration by hammering a rose on to some fresh cut slabs.

Meanwhile, Rose City supporters came out to fill the lower level for the free admission in Goose Hollow. In total, the club gave $100,000 and its partners and fans raised more than half a million dollars towards UNICEF’s relief efforts.

“It’s the first time we’ve done it as an organization and we immediately told Merritt that we need to make this a yearly thing and pick a charity every year, so we are pressuring him to do that because this is incredible,” said Captain of the Thorns Christine Sinclair.

“I knew it would be a special night and I have always kind of though, what would a Thorns and Timbers scrimmage look like? Actually seeing it happen, I mean, all of the fun stuff at the end, when everyone rushed the field and again, they love it, so it’s unbelievable,” said owner of the Timbers and Thorns Merritt Paulson.

Yellow won the day over blue 4-3 but everyone can head home with slice and a smile.

“It was such a special night,” said Timbers head coach Gio Savarese. “The smiles of everybody in the stands and on the field, it was a very, very special night.”

Donations to UNICEF can be made by clicking here.