‘They don’t see it until it’s too late’: Video montage of cars crashing on same offramp goes viral

Published: May. 8, 2022 at 12:25 PM PDT
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SEATTLE (KING) – A Washington man fed up with the constant car accidents happening around his home started recording them. Now, those videos have gone viral.

Michael Basconcillo lives near the corner of 7th and Union in Seattle.

He became so tired of drivers going too fast and too furious, he started recording the action of the I-5 southbound offramp.

“They bounce off that wall over there and end up crashing over here,” he said, referring to a wall and street corner near the offramp.

Car crashes on this offramp have happened over and over and over again. Basconcillo’s video compilation of them has gone viral overnight.

“I had two friends text me yesterday morning and said ‘You’re famous; your video is on Reddit.’ I go ‘What’s Reddit,’” he said.

Basconcillo said it’s no laughing matter, given the proximity to a crosswalk and the nearby Sheraton Hotel. Hard data is inconclusive about the intersection, including the number of cars that have piled up over time.

“It’s more like a turn, they don’t see it until it’s too late,” Basconcillo said. “They’ll see a 20-mile an hour exit sign. That doesn’t mean anything.”

The Washington Department of Transportation and Seattle Department of Transportation said they know this area has been a problem for years and they’ve installed all sorts of new signage to get people to slow down. Basconcillo said it’s not enough.

“It’s a sign, it’s not going to do anything,” he said. “Divots … that make your tire make noise. It would wake somebody up, it would get their attention, and get them to slow down.”

If more isn’t done, Basconillo said he believes the hits will keep on coming.

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