A soaking for Thursday, but drying by evening

Published: May. 11, 2022 at 4:22 PM PDT
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It’s a nice spring day outside, our 2nd mainly dry day. Temperatures are a bit closer to normal this afternoon, creeping into the low-mid 60s. Expect mainly or all dry weather until at least sunset (8:30pm).

Light rain arrives during the night, then turns more steady and heavier around sunrise. It will be a very wet morning commute along with a breezy southerly wind too. That steady rain continues through the early afternoon for a real Thursday soaker! The good news is that suddenly the rain stops sometime after 3pm and some sunshine pops out. Thursday ends much nicer than it begins and much of the evening should be dry plus partly cloudy.

Most of Friday will be dry, then a weather system arrives at some point late in the day. We’re thinking the evening commute will be wet.

There is SOME good news for this weekend…it’ll be warmer! Temperatures rise up to around normal each day and nights will be milder. But showery and gray weather continues at times, especially Saturday. Sunday should be brighter.

Off/on wet & wet May weather continues until further notice…