Crampton-Brophy trial reaches its final chapter

Published: May. 23, 2022 at 6:43 PM PDT
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) - After weeks of sitting in a Multnomah County Courtroom, attorneys in the Nancy Crampton-Brophy trial presented their closing statements to the jury.

Brophy, 71, sat attentively in court as she heard arguments from prosecutors and her lawyers. Each side painted two different pictures of Brophy. The defense wanted the jury to take away that she was a loving wife to her husband Dan who was looking forward to retirement. The prosecution, on the other hand, described her as a thoughtful killer with a detailed plan to kill Dan. Lead prosecutor, Shawn Overstreet, took the stand for three hours breaking down all the evidence presented during the trial.

“Now if she doesn’t know with 100 percent certainty that Dan is dead, why in the world would you tell his mother that her son has been murdered?” Overstreet said.

Prosecutors reminded the jury of what they claim is Brophy’s weak alibi. They pointed out how Brophy can describe details of her husband and towns in Oregon, but she couldn’t remember the morning her husband was murdered.

“It felt like an interrogation because she had to make sure that she told detectives a valid story,” Overstreet said. “A valid alibi.”

Overstreet restated the prosecutions claim that Brophy killed her husband for life insurance money. He said that Brophy wanted to live a more extravagant life that Dan couldn’t provide.

The defense continued their assertion that Brophy had no reason to kill Dan.

“The bottom line is that Nancy Brophy was far better off, far, far, far better off with Dan Brophy in her life,” Defense attorney, Kris Winemiller, said.

The defense team tried to cast doubt in juror’s heads by saying no one knows for certain Brophy killed Dan. Winemiller through out other possibilities of who pulled the trigger, one of those was an unhoused man who happened to be in the area at the same time of the murder. When it comes to Brophy’s alibi, they blamed the lapse of memory to trauma she sustained from finding out her husband was dead.

On Tuesday, prosecutors will give a rebuttal and then the case goes to the jury for deliberation.