Washington County family says justice has not been served for Ruby Cinseros-Martinez

Published: May. 27, 2022 at 10:20 PM PDT
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HILLSBORO, Ore. (KPTV) — Nine months after 25-year-old Ruby Cinseros-Martinez was found dead in her Hillsboro home, the Washington County District Attorney’s office reached a plea deal with the man suspected of killing her.

But Ruby’s family says, the plea deal is not the justice they wanted. Jose Luis Ruiz-Santiago was initially arrested days after Ruby’s death in August of 2021 and charge with second degree murder. However, the plea deal lowered that charge to manslaughter. Then in Washington County Court on Friday, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison. About 20 friends and family members of Ruby attended the sentencing. Her brother, Eddie Cinseros-Martinez, was one of those in attendance, angry, confused, and disappointed.

“He should be convicted as a murderer because my sister’s death wasn’t an accident,” Eddie said.

Eddie said this plea deal feels like a complete reversal from what investigators and the District Attorney’s office told his family back in August of 2021.

“They told us that the case was closed, that he murdered her, he admitted to it while he was on drugs, while he was off of drugs too,” Eddie said.

Ruby’s family and friends had hope prosecutors would take Ruiz-Santiago to trial and he would be convicted of murder. Eddie said, now, they’ve lost faith in the Washington County Justice system.

“It’s a joke,” Eddie said. “It shows you can walk around and do whatever you want, come to court and choose your fate and I don’t think that’s fair to anybody. Especially if you admitted if you murdered someone.”

A spokesperson for the Washington County District Attorney’s office sent FOX 12 this statement about the plea deal:

“The Washington County District Attorney’s Office strives to achieve the best possible outcome in all cases referred to our office. We believe the plea deal struck in the case of Jose Luis Ruiz-Santiago represents the best outcome for our community and the victim’s family. The investigation was very thorough and the case had strength, but there were some evidentiary challenges. Additionally, the stress of a trial and the possibility of years’ worth of appeals would have been difficult. This outcome brings certainty and finality to the process and, we hope, a sense of closure for Ruby’s loved ones.”

Ruby’s family said appealing this decision isn’t possible. So Eddie said all they can do is find, what he believes is, justice for his sister.

“We’ll never forget Ruby,” Eddie said. “We will always have her on our minds and we’ll continue to fight for Ruby anyway we can.”