Seaside business managers see increase in new hires, still need more staff for summer

Published: May. 31, 2022 at 10:35 PM PDT
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SEASIDE, Ore. - As we enter summer, businesses on the coast are staffing up for tourists.

But we know getting new employees has been difficult for a lot of places lately, so we checked in to see how hiring is going in Seaside.

Managers tell us things are looking up after a lean spring, but they are still trying to get more workers in the door.

That’s why Pizza A’Fetta is offering a bonus.

“I know the high school kids see it and are like holy smokes 500 bucks,” Manager Luke Crews said. “The past applications we’ve had they’re asking 20, 22 an hour. Minimum wage is not that. It’s kind of hard to find good workers who have experience.”

He said they’re still looking for a busser and a waiter. They’re doing alright now but the number of staff isn’t ideal for when things get really busy.

“We usually work three people in a day so two of us will be in the kitchen, one of us will be front desk right here, and dishes, then we have to take turns on the dining room,” Crews said.

Just down the street at Tora Sushi, Serving Manager Kendall Price said hiring has been much better now than a few months back but they still need a few more people to get back to being open on Mondays too.

“That’s the main goal is to get seven days a week again. We’ve been six days a week for almost two years now and that’s not normal for us,” she said.