TriMet sees vandalism increase at bus stops

Published: Jul. 12, 2022 at 4:45 PM PDT
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) - Covered shelters at TriMet bus and streetcar stops are increasingly becoming targets for vandalism.

Tyler Graf, a spokesperson for TriMet, said in June there were nearly 100 reported incidents at TriMet-covered shelters. He said if glass panes are broken, it could cost anywhere from $450 to $1,500 to replace. The ones who are footing the bill are taxpayers. Graf said TriMet doesn’t know why vandalism has increased, but it’s happening. Broken glass and graffiti may be a sore sight to drivers passing by, but the ones who are impacted the most by this vandalism are the metro area’s transit-dependent community members.

“They’re the ones who probably take the same bus every single day,” Graf said. “If there’s a shelter there, they rely on that shelter to basically take a load off to relax a little bit.”

Steven Hutchens is one of those daily riders. FOX 12 caught up with him while he was relaxing at Pioneer Square. He relies on TriMet to get around town because a medical condition prevents him from being able to drive. He sees the vandalism at bus and streetcar stops almost on a daily basis.

“I see more of it in Southeast than I do over here,” Hutchens said. “But when I go to Southeast it’s unreal.”

Hutchens said the vandalism at TriMet covered shelters is just another part of a crime problem he sees growing in the city he grew up in.

“It makes me sad how they’re tearing it up and the whole town is getting that way and I don’t like it,” Hutchens said.

Graf said TriMet is doing its best to protect and repair damaged covered shelters across its 533 square mile service area. But it’s difficult to keep up. He said the public can report vandalism to TriMet property by calling this number (503) 238-7433.