Portland metro animal shelters near capacity as costs rise

Published: Jul. 14, 2022 at 6:01 PM PDT
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) - Rising prices and global supply chain issues are putting pressure on pet owners. Local animal shelters say they’re seeing an increase in the number of people dropping off their pets and saying they can no longer afford to give their pets adequate care. Oregon Dog Rescue in Tualatin says it’s near capacity.

Larry Weisgerber has owned a pet supply business in Cedar Mill for more than 25 years now. He says the current price increases are the worst he’s seen since he’s been in business. Typically prices go up every couple of years but this year there have been significant price hikes just two months apart.

Many brands of dog food have gone up close to 30 percent in the last year. Weisgerber is doing what he can to keep prices down but he can only absorb so much. He’s also seeking out cheaper brands to give customers alternatives.

A local organization called the Pongo Fund is stepping up to help. Pet owners who want to keep their pets but are having trouble with expenses can contact the Pongo Fund for assistance.