Portland General Electric shares tips on saving money, staying cool in the heat

Published: Jul. 25, 2022 at 12:35 PM PDT
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) - It is hot and getting hotter. And as the mercury goes up, your energy bill does too. FOX 12 spoke with Portland General Electric about how to save money and keep your home cool during the heat.

If you work and live in air conditioning, you should find it easy to stay cool. If you don’t here are some suggestions.

Take advantage of early mornings and late night cooler outdoor weather.

“Opening your windows, if it’s safe, during the cool hours, early morning late at night, to let cool air in. and then close the windows as soon as the outside temperatures reach 75 -80 degrees,” said Andrea Platt at Portland General Electric.

If you have a fan, use it to draw in the cooler air from outside. When it starts to heat up, try to keep your place shaded with curtains, blinds or whatever you have to block the sun and prevent heat from building up inside.

Shower during the cooler mornings or evening hours. That’s also the best time to run the dishwasher or your washer and dryer.

“If you have a kitchen, or a bathroom vent limit their use because those can pull cool air out of the house,” said Platt.

And to save some money this week, which could see both sky-high temperatures and energy bills, adjust your thermostat. If you usually set it at 70 degrees, bump it up a few degrees. PGE said if you can bump it up to as high as 76 degrees you can save as much as 13 dollars on your monthly bill.

There’s also an incentive plan you can sign up for which allows you to shift your energy use during the day. You may get a rebate. You can check your energy use and costs online.

Consider switching to LED lights. Low energy and less heat add up to savings.

You can also make swamp coolers but there is some debate about whether swamp coolers work in the Portland area.