Fire at The Dalles Marina destroys 8 houseboats

Published: Aug. 2, 2022 at 5:49 AM PDT
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THE DALLES, Ore. (KPTV) - A houseboat community along the Columbia River is dealing with a second massive fire two years in a row.

Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue says just after 7:00 p.m. Monday night, a fire ignited among the houseboats at The Dalles Marina, destroying 8 houseboats, damaging others, and causing multiple brush fires nearby.

The fire is being investigated by the Oregon State Fire Marshalls Office, and the cause is yet to be determined.

DeAnna Hoccom owns a houseboat in the same section at The Dalles Marina where the fire started. Her home is still intact, but she says the flames got very close.

“I was at Home Depot and we got a call from one of our neighbors that said ‘Hey come now we think your house is on fire!’ said Hoccom.  “All my family pictures are inside, other things that are very important to me.”

Hoccom is no stranger to fires in The Dalles Marina. Last year when a similar fire broke out and also burned 8 houseboats down, she and her husband lost a new houseboat they had just made an offer on. She and her husband bought one nearby that was almost lost in Monday’s fire.

On July 4 (2021) our agent calls and says ‘We have a problem, the house you put an offer on is up in flames,’  and so we went to this boat house because it was the only one available.”

Thankfully this time Hoccom’s home wasn’t totally destroyed. She says two fires here in a row should make some re-think fire safety at The Dalles Marina.

“I want people to be safe and maybe install some more safety measures like more fire detectors on the docks, more alarms, things like that, more extinguishers.”

Another local resident  who doesn’t live far from the marina says wildland and building fires here are common in The Dalles because of the weather conditions, but he’s shocked about the identical fires happening at The Dalles Marina.

“It’s The Dalles, the wind blows here it’s hot it’s dry,” said Frank Jordan. “People here come to expect it, but something like this to happen two years in a row at the same place is a little odd.”