Residents of Portland apartments say someone is throwing explosives off balcony

Published: Aug. 2, 2022 at 10:23 PM PDT
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) - Residents living in South Waterfront apartments in Portland say a tenant has been throwing explosives off their high-rise apartment balcony for the last month and are afraid management isn’t doing enough.

“Basically, this neighborhood has been terrorized,” said Mark Julius. “There is someone living in the building on the 11th floor and has been throwing out M-80 explosives. It sounded like bombs going off. The entire neighborhood shook.”

Julius says it started on July 4th; the latest incident happened last Friday night.

“While people were walking up and down the boulevard and people were sitting there eating their dinner they threw this massive M-80 out and it exploded,” said Julius. “People went crazy, they were shouting up at him. It almost hit a lady walking her dog. It was absolute mayhem.”

Other residents we spoke to said they were afraid to walk outside now, fearful that one will go off near them. Julius says he and other residents called Portland Police but were told officers were busy working several shootings across the city and could not come. He says he called the non-emergency line the next day and spoke to an officer who reached out to the apartment complex. Julius was told by police that The Adrea wanted to handle the situation, but he and other residents are concerned the management won’t. They want to see the tenant evicted.

“I am directly underneath that unit’s window about two units down,” said Mila Ortiz. “Those explosives explode in front of my window. We’ve been dealing with it for a month. We’ve communicated to management in a very respectful way and nothing. A lot of us are trying to band together because we don’t feel like the response from management is sufficient for the magnitude of the situation. This guy is threatening lives.”

Fox 12 reached out to The Adrea, which provided the following statement:

“Management was notified by residents that a firecracker was dropped from an 11th-floor balcony on the evening of July 29th. It landed on the property courtyard sidewalk. No damage to the sidewalk was observed and no related injuries were reported. We are working through the legal system to notice the resident involved and will continue to pursue every available option to mitigate the issue.”