Oregon colleges begin preparing for upcoming season

Published: Aug. 3, 2022 at 9:20 PM PDT
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) - New year, new staff again, for the Oregon Ducks.

At 36-years-old, Dan Lanning is the third head coach in five seasons for the Ducks as they head into the new season, starting Sept. 3 in the Willamette Valley.

The Duck’s first practice with Lanning as the head coach begins Friday.

“Coach to me is teacher, my parents are teachers, that is the piece that we have to look for,” Lanning said. “I am going to play zero snaps for the University of Oregon this year. It doesn’t matter what I know, it matters what your players know and what they can execute.”

Starting quarterback Bo Nix used the transfer portal to join the Ducks from Auburn.

“We’ve got all the tools and then when you look at Oregon from a national point of view, every kid in the south where I am from, you’ve got kids wearing Oregon all the time, so Oregon is a national brand and it’s just something I wanted to be a part of,” Nix said.

Redshirt freshman quarterback Ty Thompson said his last season required a lot of patience.

“I feel like it taught me a lot about myself and how I deal with adversity,” Thompson said.

Justin Flowe, redshirt freshman linebacker, said the brotherhood of the team gave the Ducks their strong defense.

“The thing about us, we don’t just talk about it at the facility we talk about it outside the facility and I feel like that is really different because we just want it so bad,” Flowe said.

For wide receiver Chase Cota, a transfer from UCLA, coming to the Ducks was coming home. His father Chad Cota played for the team in the ‘90s and his cousin Brady Breeze won Rose Bowl MVP for Oregon.

“It brings back a childhood joy just coming up to games and feeling like it was my games, you know?” Cota said. “We had season tickets by the student section in between the band and stuff growing up there in the endzone.”

In Corvallis, the practice has already started for Beaver Nation.

Jonathan Smith, now in his fifth year as OSU head coach, said the practice his players have put in during the summers is paying off.

“There is a lot of attention to detail in the plays we are running again, it is just day one,” Smith said.

Starting quarterback Chance Nolan is returning, with Tristian Gebbia as his second.

“I think we have some guys we can score with,” Smith said. “Obviously with Chance coming back with the experience, Tristian’s experience, Ben has been here now going on three years, knows the system, he can throw it and I thought the two young guys for the most part, for their first day, did some good stuff.”

Meanwhile, the Beaver Dam – Oregon State University’s Reser Stadium, is under construction.

“I think there will be some demand and I think our crowd will be great,” Smith said. “It’s going to be packed on the one side. The energy will be there and I think it will be a fun experience.”

Kickoff for Oregon college football will be Sept. 3 with Oregon State facing Boise State, and the University of Oregon facing Georgia.