Cannon Beach residents weigh in on e-scooter ban

Published: Aug. 9, 2022 at 4:35 PM PDT
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CANNON BEACH, Ore. (KPTV) - City leaders in Cannon Beach tried to envision what their city would be like if electric scooters were allowed. They didn’t much care for the thought.

But some people FOX 12 talked with didn’t think it’d be so bad.

“I think it’s pretty useful,” Hazel Albright said. “It could be a fun thing to do if people are visiting or on vacation. I think it’s pretty fun to do.”

Siggi Bengston said while there are many more people in town during the summer, they aren’t there the other nine months of the year.

“It feels like it’s playing towards tourists,” Bengston said. “While that’s not a bad thing it just feels unnecessary for something that’s only going to be temporary.”

Albright is one who would like the scooters in town.

“I would probably invite my friends over to Cannon Beach and ride around town and all that,” she said. “I think that would be pretty fun. Do some activities or just hanging out. Anything like that.”

But the sight of scooters is not going to happen. At least not now.

Cannon Beach city council just voted to ban rental of the e-scooters. It said that decision is being re-evaluated as part of the city’s Transportation System Plan. That plan will be voted on in the coming months by the council.

Residents are also debating the idea.

Bengston said she’s seen the scooters left behind on beaches in the San Diego area.

“They’re usually just left on the side of the road or literally picked apart to harvest their own electronics within it,” she said. “It just seems like beach trash and we already have enough of that.”

Albright said using them the right way would still be important.

“I think it’s ok for (the city) to have it, just be safe around and (have) rules maybe,” she said. “Where not to ride it and where to. I think that could help a lot.”