Record warm night will be followed by a scorcher again Thursday

A slight thunder chance through Thursday evening too
Published: Aug. 17, 2022 at 4:08 PM PDT
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It’s hot…really hot across most of the region this afternoon. As expected, temperatures have soared since the cooling Pacific breezes have shut down for the day. We aren’t getting any sort of natural air conditioning except right along the first mile or so of coastline. Late this afternoon temperatures have soared into the mid-upper 90s in the metro area. Most of us will top out just under 100 degrees in the next two hours.

The heatwave continues tonight through tomorrow, then we’ll be MUCH cooler on Friday with widespread morning low clouds keeping us in the 80s. But tonight will feature a record warm low temperature around 70 in the city, very unusual for this late in the summer. That’s because lots of high clouds are moving north and will be with us the next 24 hours. It’ll be very tough sleeping tonight without air conditioning. The high clouds will make tomorrow feel even more humid, giving us that “hazy sunshine” look.

There is a slight chance for a thunderstorm over/east of the Cascades through tomorrow. The chance for a thunderstorm popping up west of the Cascades isn’t zero, but it’s quite low. We wouldn’t be surprised if someone somewhere west of the Cascades sees a shower or flash of lightning overnight.

Comfortable temperatures (below 90 degrees) continue through early next week, but there may be one more hot spell by the middle of the week. There’s no sign of rain or a cool stretch of weather through next week.