Heatwave early this week as summer weather continues into early September

Kids returning to school this week could face some very warm classrooms
Published: Aug. 28, 2022 at 4:22 PM PDT
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It feels like a perfect late-summer day today; a cool start then temperatures around 80 late this afternoon. This morning was the coolest start in about 6 weeks…fall is getting close! But instead we’ve got another stretch of unusually warm to hot weather from Monday through Labor Day Weekend.

It won’t be quite as chilly Monday morning as some kids start the new school year, then we’ll be about 10 degrees warmer by late tomorrow afternoon. That means a high temperature into the low 90s for Monday afternoon as a hot ridge of high pressure once again noses north into the Pacific Northwest. That dome of hot air sits over us through Thursday.

Tuesday will be the hottest day and a real scorcher, it’s even possible spots in the metro area could touch 100 degrees. Temperatures only cool a few degrees Wednesday and Thursday. For the kids starting school this week, those non-AC classrooms will be very warm by mid-afternoon!

A major push of cooler marine air gives us a brief cooldown Friday, but then most likely we warm again into the Labor Day Weekend as the hot dome of air pushes closer.

There’s no sign of a cool/wet period in the next 10 days…September will arrive with much warmer than normal temps and no rain.