Hot Tuesday, then cooler midweek

No rain for at least another week in Portland
Published: Sep. 5, 2022 at 3:46 PM PDT
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We’ve slipped into a warm “early fall” weather pattern this week and that continues for another 7-9 days. Warm to briefly hot daytime temperatures in September are balanced out by much cooler nights (than midsummer) and very dry air. We’re done with high humidity and consecutive-day stretches of blazing heat for the year. There’s no sign of rain for at least another week.

Highs today have reached the lower 80s, but tomorrow will be quite a bit warmer. Dry and warmer easterly wind means no cooling air coming off the Pacific Ocean tomorrow, so afternoon highs will top out right around 90 degrees. Afternoon sports practices and games will be very warm!

Some cooler air returns Wednesday and Thursday for highs back down around 80 degrees. We might see a few patches of clouds both days, but in general the sunny and warm stretch continues.

A return to very warm/hot easterly wind Friday and Saturday means we should be in the 90-95 degree range those days. The dry wind will give us our highest fire danger of the year west of the Cascades too! Hopefully we’ll avoid any power shutoffs in the Cascade foothills or western Gorge.

Cooling returns early next week with temperatures dropping back into the 70s.