New ‘overt’ security cameras to be installed around Gresham by police

Published: Sep. 6, 2022 at 5:00 PM PDT
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GRESHAM Ore. (KPTV) - In a continued effort to battle crime in Gresham, the city’s police department announced they will deploy 10 new ‘overt’ security cameras.

Gresham Police Chief, Travis Gullberg, said there are 24 cameras already deployed in the city. According to police data, the cameras have proven their effectiveness as a way to gather evidence for a crime or work as a way to prevent crime. Chief Gullberg said there has been a 20 to 50 percent reduction in crime around certain security cameras. So seeing success, the Gresham City Council approved the funding to buy 10 new cameras.

“The hope is, if you come into Gresham or east county, there is a video out there and we’re going to use that video to hold you accountable if you commit a crime in that community,” Chief Gullberg said.

Randy Schlicht lives near a set of cameras on 181st Avenue and Northeast Glisan Street. He said he disagrees with the effectiveness of the cameras.

“I don’t see a change,” Schlicht said. “In fact, I see it getting worse.”

Schlicht said he and his neighbors formed a neighborhood watch to keep an eye on who is coming in and out of their neighborhood. He said the real problem is the lack of police officers to respond to cameras happening in real time.

“If the cops can’t respond to the phone calls now and serious crimes when somebody’s been attacked, what are the cameras going to do?” Schlicht said.

There are also concerns about the cameras being used as a big brother style of surveillance. Chief Gulberg said the cameras will be installed in areas where data shows there is high criminal activity. They also will not be monitored 24/7 by an officer. Footage will only be watched if a crime is committed in the area of the cameras.

FOX 12 did reach out to the ACLU for comment about civil liberty concerns, but we’re still waiting for a statement.

Schlicht said he knows the police are trying their best to keep his neighborhood safe, but he‘s tired of waiting for changing. He said he has plans to move out of Gresham and even out of Oregon.

“Just done with it,” Schlicht said.