Two days of smoke, wind, & high fire danger ahead, then much cooler weather next week

But wind will be far less intense than we saw in Labor Day 2020 windstorm
Published: Sep. 8, 2022 at 3:50 PM PDT
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After a cool start with many of us in the 40s this morning, temperatures have rebounded into the 70s. We’ll top out in the lower 80s and the weather will be calm again tonight for most of us.

We have three important weather items the next TWO days (Friday and Saturday)

  • Temperatures warm into the 80s and possibly lower 90s. Tomorrow will not be hot, but Saturday could be…if there isn’t too much fire smoke
  • Gusty easterly wind arrives midday tomorrow for most of the metro area (earlier in the hills & Gorge) and sticks around through Saturday afternoon. This will not be a windstorm like at Labor Day 2020, but a more typical gusty easterly wind. The combination of dry wind and warm temperatures means relative humidity drops into the 10-20% range…very dry!
  • Fire smoke arrives not only overhead, but possibly down at ground level tomorrow. For the first time this season we may see and smell smoke in NW Oregon and SW Washington.

Most of the metro area will be quiet tomorrow morning wind-wise. Temperatures start in the 50s, but quickly move into the 80s by afternoon. As the day goes on more of us will feel the gusty easterly wind. Gusts will be in the 25-35 mph range. Several fires burning in southern Canada and Washington will send smoke our way and modeling tells us some of the low level smoke makes it into our area too. If you smell smoke tomorrow, there’s a VERY good chance it won’t be from a new local fire.

The easterly wind makes it to the entire coastline tomorrow and temperatures will leap into the 80s out there!

Saturday will be a similar day, but a bit warmer and the wind backs off significantly in the evening. Once we hit sunset Saturday, the east wind event is pretty much over. All areas, including the Gorge and Cascades, will see calm conditions by sunrise Sunday.

Temperatures cool next week and clouds return…it’ll feel a lot more like fall with highs down into the 70s, possibly a day or two even mainly in the 60s. Rain should finally return at some point next week too.