Estacada residents relieved after weekend of wildfire scares

Published: Sep. 12, 2022 at 5:12 PM PDT
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ESTACADA Ore. (KPTV) - The power is back on for thousands across Oregon, but this weekend’s fires reminded communities across the state how fast wildfires can spark and spread.

The McIver Fire was one of those that broke out Friday night, driven by easterly winds. Fire officials said the fire was contained to 25 acres but a house and a barn were destroyed. The fast-moving blaze triggered memories of one Eagle Creek resident, who only wanted to use her first name, said the McIver Fire instantly brought back memories of 2020.

“It was kind of scary like two years ago,” Patti said.

She said she was living in the area when the Riverside Fire marched its way west towards her community.

“I was not prepared,” Patti said. “It scared me. But since then I’ve learned to have things ready. You need to have things prepared.”

Patti said she had a go-bag ready just in case the McIver Fire jumped the Clackamas River Friday night. Luckily she didn’t need to use it.

“Thanks to all the firefighters from the different districts and all the volunteers that were here, they came together just like they did last time but even more this time,” Patti said. “I think they were really on top of it.”

Patti credits the fast response by firefighters for keeping the McIver Fire to 25 acres. She also gives her utility company, Portland General Electric, credit for taking the proactive step in preventing a wildfire. She believes other wildfires were prevented this weekend by electricity companies turning off the power.

“I was fortunate I didn’t lose power,” Patti said. “Different segments did. I think they did whatever they needed to do. So it causes a little inconvenience, it’s much better than a loss of life.”

FOX 12 reached out to Portland General Electric for comment about this weekend’s Public Safety Power Shut-off (PSPS), but they were unavailable Monday. Pacific Power told FOX 12 that their PSPS was successful and all their customers have power once again. A spokesperson said vegetation debris was cleared in some spots and minor wind damage repair was required in other areas. Overall, Pacific Power appreciated the positive feedback from their customers about the PSPS to help prevent wildfires.

Patti says she’s grateful for all the preparations for this weekend. And even more grateful for the firefighters that kept her community safe.

“I cannot say enough about the fire departments, the firemen, and the volunteers, and just the local townspeople,” Patti said. “I just can’t say enough about everyone stepping up.”