Multiple cars hit by a man throwing rocks from his bike in SE Portland

Multiple cars hit by a man throwing rocks from his bike in SE Portland.
Multiple cars hit by a man throwing rocks from his bike in SE Portland.(KPTV)
Published: Sep. 14, 2022 at 5:10 PM PDT
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) -The Sunnyside Neighborhood in Southeast Portland is demanding Portland police do something about a man, who has allegedly thrown rocks at multiple cars while riding his bike.

One of the incidents was caught on a dash camera by Steven Magnuson. He said he was driving near Southeast 49th Avenue and Hawthorne Boulevard when he saw a man riding his bike towards his car, square up, and hurl a large rock at his windshield. In the video, you can hear glass shattering from the impact of the rock. Magnuson didn’t get hurt but he knows it could have been worse. Especially if the rock went through a side window.

“Anybody could throw things right through there,” Magnuson said. “Any projectile going through there, there’s no slowing down. So I was fortunate that [the windshield] was laminated. He really could have clocked me with that thing. So at least for now, I’m really afraid.”

Magnuson posted his video on the social media application, Nextdoor. After posting, more people began to comment about similar experiences. One woman, who’d like to remain anonymous, sent FOX 12 pictures of her car that was also hit. She said she was driving near Southeast 42nd and Morrison Street at the end of August when a man, matching a similar description to other incidents, threw a large bottle at her windshield. The impact left her car’s windshield severely damaged. Magnuson said he’s frustrated that so many of his neighbors are experiencing such a violent act from the same person, but the suspect is still out on the streets.

“I’m afraid on a whole different level because there’s somebody living in my neighborhood who is unstable,” Magnuson said.

Magnuson filed a police report and Portland Police cited 51-year-old Robert McClatchey for criminal mischief. FOX 12 did see McClatchey hanging out in an encampment on the corner of Southeast 45th Avenue and Madison Street. He then took off on a bike, pulling a similar bike trailer as seen in Magnuson’s video.

FOX 12 asked Portland Police why McClatchey was only cited and a spokesperson said they’ve been limited in the number of crimes they can arrest someone for because of COVID-19 and other issues. According to court records, McClatchey has 42 case filings that range from drug possession to vandalism, to various degrees of assault.

With McClatchey still out and about, community members in the Sunnyside Neighborhood don’t think a citation is good enough.

“How would they react if that guy did that to one of their cruisers?” Magnuson said. “I think that guy would be on the ground, seconds flat.”