Neighbors expressing concern after multiple deaths at Northgate Park

Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 9:15 PM PDT
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) - Portland police are investigating two deadly shootings that happened at Northgate Park in the Portsmouth neighborhood just weeks apart.

On Sunday, Aug. 14, police were called to the park in North Portland just after 10 p.m., where they found 26-year-old Adrian Perdomo shot to death. No suspect information has been released at this time. PPB says the investigation is ongoing.

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“I heard three shots and a woman screaming that they shot him,” said one neighbor. “I ran out and saw people standing in the street. She was over by the fellow that was shot. I ran over there to see if there was anything I could do, but he was gone.”

A neighbor said since the deadly shooting in August, people have been coming to the memorial every day. Several candles at the memorial were lit Tuesday afternoon.

“Sometimes groups of people come after midnight,” said the neighbor. “They play really loud music every night. It’s been pretty disrupting.”

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Five weeks later, police were called out to the park again. PPB says officers were dispatched just after 7:30 Monday night to reports of shots fired at the same location. Police say a local hospital reported a person had arrived at the ER by private vehicle and had been shot, but they later died.

“I hear two shots, look out the window, and see three vehicles in the park that raced out of here,” said a neighbor. “I called 911 and said shots fired. The police came and found blood in the parking lot. They started calling the hospitals and found out the fellow was taken to Immanuel, and he did not make it.”

No victim or suspect information has been released at this time. The neighbor FOX 12 spoke with said there are growing concerns amongst her and neighbors; they worry a stray bullet is going to come through one of their windows one night. They’ve started to place cameras on their property as well.

“We are just worried because it doesn’t stop,” said the neighbor. “The police can’t really do anything. They don’t have the number to really respond to the issues happening in the park. I’m trying to get a meeting with the rangers to talk about what we can do in this park to make it safer. I would just like to see the mayor, the city council, whatever talk about what we can do to make this park safer.”