Multiple vehicles vandalized in Clark Co., police searching for suspects

Published: Sep. 25, 2022 at 1:35 PM PDT
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CLARK COUNTY, Wash. (KPTV) - Multiple vehicles were damaged in Hazel Dell on Saturday night, and deputies are searching for suspects, according to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

Police said they’ve received several reports of cars with smashed windows, and dents and dings.

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Shannon Frantz, a neighbor who caught it on camera, said her truck was hit several times and attributes the crime to a bunch of kids “having fun.”

“Now, to find out how much it’s going to come out of my pocket, because of these hooligans who decided to go have fun,” she said.

Shannon Frantz’s husband, Lon Frantz, is the mailman around the neighborhood, and she said that she can hear the kids in the video targeting their house.

Lon Frantz said there’s no reason for anyone to go after him for that.

“I have some of the greatest customers I could ever think of,” he said. “Not one of them would do this.”

Shannon Frantz said they’re not the only family to wake up to broken glass.

“Multiple cars up and down these streets got hit,” she said.

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Jordan Guenther, a victim down the street, said he was heading to work when he found his windshield battered.

“I was a kid too at one point too,” Guenther said. “And we went and got into trouble and had fun, but never at the cost of everybody else.”

Lon Frantz added, “We didn’t go around beating on people’s cars. It’s not right.”

Shannon Frantz said she doesn’t want whoever did it to be let off.

“What do they get, a slap on the hand?” She said. “Not from this chick. Sorry.”

She plans to press charges as money is tight right now, being in the hole trying to help her aunt with dialysis treatment.

“Maybe if they valued their stuff, they wouldn’t do this to other people knowing this is how it makes them feel,” Shannon Frantz said, visibly shaken. “Sorry,” she said, wiping away a tear. “I’m just very frustrated.”

Although frustrating, victims agree they’re lucky the night didn’t end tragically.

“It could have escalated had somebody come out in time and seen them,” Guenther said.

“My bullets are not B.B.’s,” Shannon Frantz added.

She’d like to see the culprits do the right thing and turn themselves in to “hold them accountable.” If they’re caught, she said she’d be glad to put them to work in her front yard.

“I’ve got some trees that need trimming,” she said.

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In security video, the suspects are seen driving what looks like a white Subaru.

The sheriff’s office is asking any other victims to contact them. It is asking for any surveillance video that could identify the suspects or their vehicle. If you have information, please call (564) 397-2847.