Hillsboro Police Department launches security camera partnership

Published: Sep. 26, 2022 at 6:39 PM PDT
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HILLSBORO Ore. (KPTV) - A new partnership in Hillsboro is aiming to make the city safer, but it can’t happen without a little help from people living in the city.

The Hillsboro Police Department wants to partner with you and is asking you to share your security camera information all in an effort to assist in police investigations.

Mark and Rene Bennett have lived in Hillsboro for about 25 years and opened Bennett Urban Farm Store downtown about three years ago.

“I roast all the coffee. We came in here and opened up with about 20 other vendors, and now we’re up to about 80 local vendors,” Mark Bennett, owner of Bennett Urban Farm Store, said.

When they heard about the Security Camera Survey Hillsboro police are asking local businesses and residents to complete, they were excited to participate.

“We’re totally willing to share anything on our cameras,” Mark Bennett said.

The survey is simple. It can be found on HPD’s website and should only take a few minutes. You fill out your basic contact information, then answer some simple questions about your security camera and its location. If a crime happens, it allows police to track down video from the cameras that could help them solve a case faster.

Sandie Nelson’s family has owned a nearby business for more than two decades and knows firsthand how private security cameras can help police investigations.

“Our video from our shop and the restaurant La Mix next door footage showed the arsonist starting the fires at the wheel arcade, and they had him arrested within a few days,” Sandie Nelson, owner of Le Stuff, said.

Rene Bennett said she understands some people may not be willing to share video and information from a private residential camera.

“I understand the hesitation if you have a ring camera at home, and turning that over because that feels more invasive and personal space,” Rene Bennett said.

But she and others we interviewed agree the more eyes to keep everyone safe, the better.

“I don’t look at it as a big brother thing. It’s a safety thing protecting your neighbors and protecting your neighbor’s businesses,” Mark Bennett said.

A spokesperson for Hillsboro police said they understand privacy concerns, but the information gathered through this voluntary survey will only serve as a database of cameras police can use if an incident happens near that camera’s location. And reassures the public police will not be tapping into any private cameras without notice.

You can access the survey on the Hillsboro website.