Windows smashed in 6 Portland businesses, suspect released for lack of public defender

Published: Sep. 29, 2022 at 6:23 PM PDT
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) - Multiple businesses in downtown Portland are facing thousands of dollars in damage after someone smashed their windows out, early Tuesday morning.

Six businesses and one vehicle were damaged along Southwest Salmon Street between Southwest 10th Avenue and Southwest 11th Avenue, according to police.

Surveillance video shows the suspect cross the street with what police say is a metal street sign pole, and smash it right into a building. He walks a few more feet before hitting another part of the building. He goes for a third and fourth time, but with an even bigger swing, then walks away.

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On Tuesday morning Jay Bleich, the owner of Bee Tailors & Cleaners got a call from his alarm company that a window broke.

“We’ve been broken into this probably the fourth time at this location. And it’s just exhausting It’s like not again,” Bleich said. “It’s this ongoing problem. I used to not sleep with a cell phone in my bedroom now I feel forced to because I never know when the next break is going to happen.”

Some of the damaged businesses, such as Muse Modeling Agency, belong to Portland Business Developer Jordan Schnitzer.

“Public safety is number one,” Schnitzer said. “At least we felt good, they caught that young man and were going to prosecute him.”

Police arrested 29-year-old Tyler Miller (who goes by Tyler Jaramillo) that morning, but Schnitzer said he was told Miller was released later that afternoon.

“When he was around with the judge that there was no public defender available to defend him, and everyone is entitled to having to council, so the judge had to let him go,” Schnitzer said. “And he’s back on the street. Maybe now he’ll pick another street and for whatever motivation he had a busting windows, he’ll do it on another street. It’s just not right.”

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Multnomah County DA did confirm he was released on lack of public defenders.

“I was disappointed to say the least it would be nice to have a deterrent,” Bleich said. “I think it really send a message to future glass breakers.”

Bleich said his business has been in downtown since 1951 and he doesn’t plan on moving anytime soon

“I don’t know what the solution is, but I do know if you do nothing then this is gonna keep happening,” Bleich said.

Miller has been charged on three counts of criminal mischief, and will return to court in November.