GRAPHIC: Mother shot 14 times by ex-boyfriend in front of children, police say

Published: Oct. 2, 2022 at 9:29 AM PDT
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MILWAUKEE (WDJT) – A Wisconsin mother said her ex-boyfriend shot her over a dozen times in a violent attack caught on camera.

She said she believes she’s alive now because her young children stepped in to stop their father.

When Nikeya Shumake watched the surveillance video from the day her former boyfriend chased her down and shot her 14 times on July 23, she didn’t break down until she saw her children step in to keep their dad from killing her.

“I would like the whole video to be played so people can understand from my point of view and from my kids’ point of view,” she said.

In the video, Shumake’s ex-boyfriend, who police said is 32-year-old Askia Strong, keeps shooting when she was on the ground.

The ex-boyfriend turns to run away, then comes back and shoots several more times to finish the job.

“He just kept shooting and I fell to the ground, and laid there and let him keep shooting until he was done,” Shumake said.

As Shumake lies on the ground numb and bleeding, the former boyfriend runs off down the alley.

She said her oldest child was there, screaming out in anger.

“She just wanted him to stop,” Shumake said.

After being shot in the head, stomach, arms and legs at close range, Shumake gets up.

She said she was compelled to get back up by the presence of her children.

“When I opened my eyes and I seen my baby, my eyes were able to focus so I just got up a little bit. and I was like, ‘Oh, I can stand up, and then I just stood up all the way,’” she said. “Then I grabbed my babies and I saw a lady. She was just sitting there watching. So I went to her car and I opened her door, and I pushed her laundry over. And I was like, ‘Can you please just take me?’”

Shumake said she and her ex had been dating for 17 years, since they were both 15 years old.

She said he was in and out of jail, and their children, ages 12, 5 and 2, have witnessed him abuse her for the last several years.

Shumake said she broke up with him a few days before the shooting.

After he fled down the alley on July 23, the ex-boyfriend is still on the run for attempted homicide, police said.

Milwaukee police said they believe Strong is hiding with friends and family in Wisconsin, Illinois or Indiana.

Shumake said she just wants to see him arrested. She said she is a hero for being able to move on from that moment.

“I feel that I’m a hero. The moment I get up off of that ground, I was a hero,” she said. “It was a victory for me from that point on.”

Shumake said she is now focused on protecting her children from her ex-boyfriend and helping other women in abusive relationships.

Authorities are hoping for tips that will lead to Strong’s arrest.