‘Really disappointing’: Neighbors in NE Portland describe hearing gunshots

Published: Oct. 4, 2022 at 5:23 AM PDT
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PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) - Just days after two deadly shootings in Portland, neighbors in one community are on edge after gunshots rang out near their homes.

Neighbors near Northeast Rodney and Graham streets say flashing police lights and sirens used to be uncommon in their neighborhood. However, it seems like no area is safe from the crime they say is spreading all over Portland.

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Regardless, Nate, someone whose home was close enough to hear the gunshots, says “there’s a real sense of community here. We know our neighbors.” After the sound of gunshots quieted, he says they “heard tires screeching and a white car fly down the street.”

A neighborhood known for foot and bike traffic, many were outside when it happened, like Julie, who says she “went out on a Sunday evening wanting to wrap up my weekend doing a little gardening.”

She was standing on a chair managing plants, with her head over the fence line 10 or so yards away from what she believes to be two groups exchanging gunfire.

“As soon as I heard the noise,” Julie recalls, “I jumped off the chair, ducked and ran inside to get on the ground.”

As soon as she got inside her home, she told her husband to do the same.

“I told him to get on the ground. I felt sick to my stomach, I thought this is how it happens, a bullet is going to fly through a window,” Julie said.

A couple of minutes later, Julie’s husband stepped out onto the patio to see if there was anybody who needed help. He saw a masked individual and thought better of it.

“He turned around,” Julie explained, “ran inside and we went to hide upstairs.”

Parents like Nate say based on the change in the neighborhood, he’s concerned about the future that’s in store for his two-year-old daughter.

“I think we’d hope she’d be able to run around in front of our house without us being concerned about it,” Nate said. “The whole community is kind of screaming out for help right now.”

“It’s just really disappointing to see the increased violence,” Julie added, “and the unpredictability of it.”

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Julie says if there’s a silver lining, it’s that events like these bring their community closer together.

However, upon discussion, they’re left questioning what they’re supposed to do. Although the police quickly responded to the shooting, Nate says sometimes it feels like police are more reactive than proactive.

One neighbor even said it seems like criminals feel like they can get away with anything.