Father charged in horrific ‘abuse and torture’ of 5-year-old Portland girl

Published: Oct. 20, 2022 at 6:00 PM PDT
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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) - Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office says a father is responsible for the extensive abuse of his five-year-old daughter.

The girl’s father, 30-year-old Javon Marquez Ingram, was arraigned at the justice center earlier this week on 38 different counts of assault and criminal mistreatment.

In court documents, one child abuse pediatrician who looked over the girl’s chart diagnosed her injuries as torture.

Seven pages of court documents outline the horrific accusations of mistreatment, abuse and torture of a five-year-old girl.

The investigation began last November when Portland police were called to Randall Children’s Hospital for a patient who was severely malnourished and covered in unexplained bruises.

“Detectives went to [the girl] in the hospital room and were immediately horrified upon seeing her,” court documents read.

Child abuse detectives say the five-year-old girl weighed no more than 30 lbs. and was covered in abrasions, cuts and sores.

Investigators say the girl told hospital staff about, “being tied up to a door in a loft, chains, and wearing a dog collar.”

When asked about the injuries, the girl’s father Javon Ingram told investigators, “It’s not like I have beaten her up to the point she is unconscious because she pooped in her diaper or had an accident or anything.”

In total, doctors documented 33 different types of injuries that one child abuse pediatrician diagnosed as torture.

A few days after police visited the girl in the hospital, police served a search warrant on a house at Southeast Liebe Street where Ingram and his daughter allegedly lived.

Inside, court documents say a blender, used to feed the girl pureed foods, was found. There was also a wooden board with two white straps.

The next day, a search warrant was executed on a property down the street on Southeast Liebe. There detectives found multiple zip ties, duct tape and a dog shock collar.

Detectives also got a hold of Ingram’s phone – they say they recovered 28 videos of abuse showing the girl being restrained by duct tape in a highchair and forced to exercise.

When investigators confronted Ingram about what was found, he told them – “I could say tied her up, could say put a dog collar on her. I mean, I don’t know what else to do, dude, cause I don’t have an answer for you.”

Investigators say Ingram admitted to restraining his daughter in a handwritten note.

He asked investigators, “So what am I being charged with, torture?”

A second person was also arrested and charged in connection with the girl’s abuse.

Larissa Duncan, who court documents say lived with Ingram and the girl, was charged with 12 counts of assault and criminal mistreatment.

Ingram remains in jail and ineligible for bail.