Investigation continues after Amazon delivery driver found dead in yard

Investigators in Missouri say they are waiting on autopsy results to determine the cause of an Amazon delivery driver’s death. (Source: KCTV)
Published: Oct. 26, 2022 at 6:00 PM PDT
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WOOD HEIGHTS, Mo. (KCTV/Gray News) - An investigation is underway regarding the death of an Amazon driver earlier this week in Missouri.

KCTV reports a person called 911 around 7 p.m. Monday to report an Amazon delivery vehicle had not moved for several hours. Deputies arrived at a property in Ray County near Magnolia Lane and found a man dead in the yard.

Investigators executed a search warrant for the property. They are waiting on autopsy results to determine the exact cause of the man’s death. Ray County Sheriff Scott Childers said the man had apparent injuries consistent with dog bites, but a complete examination is ongoing.

According to 911 dispatch audio, Ray County deputies did not find anyone inside the Amazon delivery vehicle but found the delivery driver’s body on the ground.

During the deputy’s conversation with dispatchers, barking could reportedly be heard over the radio.

A deputy said they ended up shooting one of the dogs before it ran back into the home, leaving blood on a dog door.

“We are still trying to contain a loose dog,” a deputy told dispatchers about a second dog.

First responders said the delivery driver had apparent injuries to his head and at least one of his limbs. According to the sheriff, the man was approximately 50 years old.

Several neighbors said they were familiar with the dogs at the property but never saw them outside the yard.

“The dogs make themselves known,” neighbor Russell Crowley said. “They come to the gate, but they’ve never been outside of the gate. We’ve never had any trouble.”

The sheriff said that he shot both dogs when he arrived at the scene. He described them as possibly a German shepherd and an English mastiff.

“Due to the safety of my staff and the other first responders, I decided to enter the residence, where I shot both dogs,” Childers said. “Shooting dogs is not something I want to do. Unfortunately, I felt it was necessary in this case.”

Investigators are examining if the driver received any delivery instructions before arriving at the property and if he was familiar with the home and other factors.

“We will have a necropsy done on the dogs,” Childers said. “Basically, that’s an autopsy for the dogs to let us know what was in their mouth and stomach contents.”

Neighbors said “beware of dog” signs are posted at the property.

A spokesperson for Amazon released the following statement regarding the incident:

“We’re deeply saddened by the tragic incident involving a member of our Amazon family and will be providing support to the team and the driver’s loved ones. We are assisting law enforcement in their investigation.”

Investigators did not immediately release the delivery driver’s identity.