Portland Thorns prepare for NWSL title game with less than 24 hours to go

Published: Oct. 28, 2022 at 5:48 PM PDT
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WASHINGTON D.C. (KPTV) - The Portland Thorns are 24 hours away from taking on Kansas City as they fight for the NWSL title and the match is being shown on Primetime!

Players expressed it’s not something they want, but something they deserve and how important is to expand the league and woman’s sports.

“I was fortunate to play in the first championship game and I think outside of the people in Portland know when you that the game was happening it’s what this league it’s what us as players deserve,” says Thorns Defender, Christine Sinclair.

“You have to attend a game, they need to watch a game, they need to buy merchandise, they need to participate actively in our business ecosystem, says NWSL Commissioner, Jessica Berman.

“This women sports in general, all they need is a chance. People will watch, people will come if given the opportunity to do so and for this game to be on prime time on a major network it’s just going to continue to grow the game continue to inspire those youngsters watching,” says Sinclair.

Commissioner Berman says she doesn’t want the NWSL to be looked at as charity. She says, as of Friday, there about 1,000 tickets left from being a sold out match on Saturday and what they really need are investors.

I don’t want anybody doing any favors for us. We are going to earn every ounce of what we get,” says Berman. “Prime time is expensive and we couldn’t have bought the time even if it was offered to us -- there’s no way we could.”

“We need sponsors who are currently like ‘hmm, I should think about balancing my portfolio because right now I’m only invested in men’s sports.’” It’s not only doing it because it’s the right thing to do but because they see the return invite on their investment because that’s what’s going to make this business grow.”

“Every year moving forward that’s what we expect I think it’s great we want to celebrate this, but we would be doing a huge disservice if we don’t continue pushing the standard,” says Dunn.

Portland Thorns vs. Kansas City Current Saturday, Oct. 29 5 p.m. PT.