One More Dry Day Before Back to Wet

Published: Dec. 6, 2022 at 3:20 PM PST
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What a cloudy and cool day today! We had some drizzle at times but remained mostly dry. We have one more dry day tomorrow, but a shower is possible. We’ll see lots of clouds tomorrow, but some expect some sunbreaks to peak through and break up the gray at times. Temperatures tonight should remain above freezing for most of the metro area and we’ll be slightly warmer through the day tomorrow. Expect highs in the mid 40s.

The wet weather returns on Thursday and we will be experiencing several wet systems. Expect rain to arrive very late tomorrow night and overnight Thursday. It will start as rain early on, then transition to showers at some point in the morning. A showery day continues on Friday, before the rain starts to pick up late in the evening. From there, Saturday should be a rainy and breezy day and showers continue into Sunday. Temperatures through the weekend will remain just slightly below average, but should be mostly in the mid 40s. At times, there are times we could see some snow mixed with the rain very early in the mornings Friday through Sunday, but sticking snow is not expected on the valley floors.

As the wet weather arrives this week, we’ll also see a lot of snow in the Cascades! The snowiest days look to be Saturday and Sunday and we could be looking at up to two feet or potentially more by the end of the weekend.

Early next week, it looks like we will be back to some drier, but cooler weather. Right now, models suggest both Monday and Tuesday are likely going to be dry.