Areas of Dense Fog, Turning Colder This Week

Here is the weather forecast for the morning of Tuesday, December 13, 2022.
Published: Dec. 13, 2022 at 3:17 AM PST
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Good morning! It’s a cold & dry start to the day across the region. Clouds managed to clear out overnight, which is allowing for fog to develop across the interior lowlands. As I write this discussion around 3:00 A.M., there isn’t a ton of fog to speak of. That being said, the conditions are prime for widespread dense fog to develop in the coming hours (given the wind is light, surfaces are damp and the skies are mainly clear). I’ve trended our temps down a bit in anticipation of a foggy morning. If dense fog forms and struggles to clear out, some locations may stay in the 30s today. We also have widespread freezing temperatures out there, so dense fog could lead to some patchy ice forming on surfaces. Take it slow on your morning commute! If all goes as planned and fog clears by the early afternoon, temperatures should reach the low 40s.

Another round of patchy fog should form tonight and early Wednesday. A breezy north wind should kick in around midday though, helping to clear out any fog. Temperatures should be a bit warmer Wednesday afternoon. The northerly breeze will turn offshore between Thursday morning & the afternoon. Cold air will be settling in east of the Cascades, strengthening high pressure at the surface. This will force air through the Gorge and toward the coast (AKA the east wind). This gusty east wind will be with us through Friday, and will be most noticeable near the mouth of the Gorge. Highs will remain in the low 40s, with overnight lows in the 20s. Wind-sheltered locations will probably experience colder nights, potentially falling into the upper teens.

Clouds will be on the increase Saturday, and scattered mixed showers will be possible starting early Sunday. Computer models are flip-flopping on how the Sunday/Monday time frame will play out. The American model (GFS) keeps us dry through the weekend, while the Euro is pumping out some light snow. We should see more model consensus over the next couple of days, so stay tuned for updates. One thing is certain though: it’s going to turn colder.

Have a great Tuesday!