Winds & Rain Dying Down Ahead of Showery Wednesday

Published: Dec. 27, 2022 at 3:28 PM PST
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It has been a very active weather day. This afternoon, winds remain very breezy and we have stayed very wet. We are now seeing thunderstorms starting to pop up on the central portion of the coast as well. There have been plenty of issues today with downed trees and minor flooding on roads. We will continue to see gusty and wet conditions until later this evening. Shortly after the evening commute, we should see winds dying down and the rain settling down to showers. A high wind warning remains in effect for the valleys and coast until 7 p.m.

Showers will likely continue overnight and into tomorrow. Some steadier rain is possible early in the morning, but scattered showers are expected for the rest of the day. Precipitation will be much lighter tomorrow and winds should remain much calmer. Temperatures will climb into the upper 40s. Temperatures will be similar on Thursday, but we should see more steady rain Thursday, especially early on and again in the evening. Some showers remain on Friday.

The holiday weekend is looking to be quite a bit drier! I think we’ll see a few showers Saturday, but expect to be more dry than wet. Sunday, New Year’s Day, should be mainly dry and just a bit cooler. Some showers return early into next week and temperatures will climb a few degrees, back into the upper 40s.