‘Pulled the rug from under you’: Van, tools stolen from Vancouver electrician’s home

Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 5:27 PM PST
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VANCOUVER, Wash. (KPTV) - Craig Swoverland of Vancouver lost both his van and his job after someone stole his work vehicle from his driveway.

On Jan. 9, Swoverland, an electrical contractor, drove home from the local hardware store to have dinner with his family. He closed up shop for the night. In the morning, he woke up to his van gone.

“It’s really hard to deal with work because it’s like they pulled the rug from under you and you just stop you can’t do anything about it,” Swoverland said.

Surveillance video of that night shows a vehicle driving on Southeast 181 Avenue and Southeast 11th Street, then parking about three houses down from Swoverlands’ house. The suspect walks to Swoverlands’ driveway, and just a couple minutes later, the van drives off.

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“That was just really hard to watch somebody walk on your property, violate your belongings and be gone with it in two minutes,” Swoverland said.

His van was filled with tools and materials, worth thousands of dollars. But his biggest worry is potentially losing clients and his ability to work.

“Just let them know it’s just it’s just a hiccup and it’s temporary and I can refer them to other contractors that I do know,” he said. “But please just don’t let that business go just because one little fumble that we have.”

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Swoverland said he loves to help people and has made great relationships with his clients over the years and hopes that can continue.

He said if he can get his van back and it salvageable, he can put it back together and move forward. If not, the incident will put him out of work for roughly two months and he’ll have to restart the business he’s had for 20 years.

Link to GoFundMe page for Swoverland, set up by a friend