Foggy & Cloudy Mornings, But Still Dry Most of the Week

Published: Jan. 23, 2023 at 3:07 PM PST
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What a beautiful afternoon in Portland! We saw lots of sunshine and temperatures were pretty mild. Through the night we will be partly cloudy, with temperatures dropping into the low to mid 30s across the metro area. Tomorrow we will see another day with morning fog and clouds. Through the day there will be some clearing, mostly in the southern parts of the Willamette Valley. Portland should see some sunbreaks in the afternoon, but a more cloudy day. Temperatures will climb into the mid 40s for highs.

The fog and low clouds will be with us for many of our mornings this week. We remain dry through Thursday and should get some gradual clearing from the fog and clouds Wednesday and Thursday. Temperatures will be back into the upper 40s. By Friday, we see a little bit of a change, with the return of some showers. We expect just a few light showers for the day.

The weather pattern becomes far more interesting later in the weekend and into early next week. A cold northerly flow returns for the first time since mid -December. Temperatures cool quite a bit Sunday through early next week. Showers pick up again late Saturday and into Sunday morning. As the first bit of colder air arrives Saturday night and Sunday morning, it could be cold enough for snow to stick in the lowlands. Some models keep us dry, some do not. At this point it doesn’t look as cold as what we experienced leading up to Christmas with high temperatures only in the 20s. Of course, we’ll be watching very closely!